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Become A Volunteer


The heart of your Cinnaminson Fire District is its volunteers!!! Without the volunteer firefighters, we couldn't effectively fight fires in Cinnaminson. We couldn't respond to medical emergencies. We couldn't help at traffic accidents, and Santa would have to walk from house to house on Christmas Eve.


Prior to completing this form, be advised that if you are applying for membership as anything other than a Special Member, you must live in Cinnaminson or in a town that is contiguous to Cinnaminson. Even if you live in a contiguous municipality, you still need to live within a reasonable response distance to one of our two stations. If you must pass another fire station to respond to one of ours we encourage you to consider joining that department.


To Apply:


First, download the membership application to your computer. (See link below).


Open and complete the fillable PDF using Adobe. The application is protected, so you must save the completed application under a new file name by using, file: save as. We suggest using your first and last name application. EX: FIRSTLASTAPPLICATION


Upload the completed application using choose file button at the bottom of the membership interest application. Once we receive the form, after reviewing the application, our Membership Review Committee will contact you to set up an interview date. Please bring a printed copy of the completed application with you to the interview.


Types of Membership with the Cinnaminson Fire Department


Firefighter - Must be a minimum of 18 years of age. You will be trained in all aspects of the duties of a firefighter free of charge. You will be required to successfully complete formal recruit firefighter training at the Burlington County Fire Academy and pass a state written and practical examination. All protective clothing and equipment will also be provided free of charge.


Junior Firefighter - Must be between the ages of 14 and 18. You will receive in-house training to prepare you to attend formal recruit firefighter training. You will be provided with all necessary protective clothing and equipment. You will be limited in responding to actual emergencies and will spend most of your time learning apparatus, equipment and policies and



Emergency Medical – Must be a minimum of 18 years of age. Current Emergency Medical Technicians or Emergency Medical Responders are encouraged to apply. If you are not currently a certified emergency medical technician or emergency medical responder you will be trained in all aspects of the duties of an emergency medical provider free of charge. You will be required to successfully complete formal training and pass the appropriate written and practical examinations. All protective clothing and equipment will also be provided free of charge.


Explorer - Must be between the ages of 14 and 18. As an Explorer, you will be under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America. While not an actual member of the department, you participation will be exactly the same as those of a Junior Firefighter.


Fire Police Officer - This classification of membership is required to direct traffic and provide crowd control and security in and around emergency incidents and training. You will be required to successfully complete State mandated training at the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center. You will be provided all necessary protective clothing and equipment free of charge.


Contributory Member - A Contributory Member is someone who does not want to respond to emergencies, but is interested in serving in some capacity. Persons in this category of membership will be required to attend monthly business meetings and serve on various committees in support of the department's mission. Contributory members are eligible to hold administrative offices within the department.



Click Here to apply


After you submit the application, please send an email to the CFD President at cinnafirepresident@gmail.com and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

     Cinnaminson Fire Department and or its affiliates will not share your personal information.