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Cinnaminson Fire Department and Virtua at the Cutting Edge of Emergency Medical Services

In partnership with Virtua Health Care, the Cinnaminson Fire Department is at the cutting edge of emergency healthcare.

Pictured above are Cinnaminson Firefighter/EMT’s Keith Zimecki and Jim Clancy as they arrive on location of a simulated neonatal medical emergency at Virtua’s sim-lab, which uses Laerdal Simulation equipment.

This presentation at the Simulation Users Network being held at the Burlington County Emergency Services Training Center shows how, by using simulation, the Cinnaminson Fire Department can measure and improve clinical care provided to our patients. The CFD is unique in the EMS service for using this equipment to test the competencies of its emergency medical personnel annually.

If you are interested in joining our team of firefighters or emergency medical responders, please visit our website at www.cinnaminsonfire.org.