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Check Presented to Virtua Breast Care Comfort Fund

The Cinnaminson Fire Department on Monday evening presented a check for $4,100 to the Virtua Breast Care Comfort Fund.

The total is the highest raised by the department in four years of supporting breast cancer awareness and brings to overall total of money raised close to $10,000.

“It’s our fourth year and we’ve raised almost $10,000. It’s one more thing we do in addition to all the other services we provide for the community,” Chief Bill Kramer said. “We have to do more than just provide an emergency service. We are an integral part of the community. This is something that has affected a number of our people and it is something we have adopted as one of our cases. I’m glad we were able to do what we did.”

Representatives from Virtua were in attendance Monday at Station 201 to receive the check from members of the department.

Also in attendance was Cinnaminson Fire District Business Manager Jean Dietrick, a breast cancer survivor.

“This has been awesome. As a survivor, being able to give back when you go through something like that. Cancer research is great, but what about the women going through it right now? They need support. They might not have the financial means or health insurance that’s going to give them the comfort items I had. It made it so much easier and they suffer without the things I had.”

This year’s slogan, which appeared on the pink shirts sold throughout the month of October was “Together We’re All Brave.”

“Together, we’re all brave is true,” Dietrick said. “The firefighters here are brave in their fight and so are the women who battle this disease. We are giving women the tools to go out in society during their fight if they choose to do so.”

Sharon Clapp, a representative from Virtua, thanked the department for their efforts in setting a new high this year and for their efforts in previous years to raise money for the Breast Care Comfort Fund.

“On behalf of the Virtua Breast Care Comfort Fund, I would like to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude for the work your department does every year in support of breast cancer awareness. Your money is going to a great cause.”

Members of the department sold shirts, hats and supporter pins during October. The Department also held its first Raise a Glass for the Cure​ fundraiser at Whistler’s Inn in Cinnaminson. The event raised $1,600 for the Virtua Breast Care Comfort Fund.

“It was nice to see people come together with new ideas and raise more money for a worthy cause. Everyone’s affected by breast cancer; us with Jean, people with family and most of us with Becky Scott (paramedic with Virtua), who lost her life at 28 the month we raised the funds,” Firefighter/EMT Jim Clancy, who heads the committee, said.

“When it affects you, it gives you more incentive to push further, harder. To be able to crush last year and the year before combined, it makes us feel like we helped more people now. We’ve got to help people, more than just when the pager goes off.”