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CFD Sends Four Members to FDIC

On Wednesday, April 26, four members of the Cinnaminson Fire Department traveled to the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana for four days of training and meeting with fire service equipment manufacturers and vendors. The four members that attended were Captain Todd

Hardie, Lieutenant Phil Drangula, FF/EMT Jim Clancy, and FF/EMR Matt Geiger.

Together, the members attended over twenty-five training sessions and visited dozens of exhibits. There are many fire service conventions and exhibits throughout the year all over the world. This conference, however, is widely known as the best one out there. The members attending this year can certainly attest to that claim. First responders from all over the world attended this conference throughout the week. This is the third year that members of the Cinnaminson Fire Department have attended the conference.

Each member will be able to bring the lessons they learned from their training sessions back to the department. The training topics included driving and operating apparatus, rapid intervention teams, scene size-up, officer development, and much more. These sessions were taught by some of the most prestigious and well-respected fire instructors from around the world.

While meeting with equipment companies, the members were able to sample the latest, state of the art equipment. Rescue tools, ground ladders, and training props were a key focus for our members to research. With cancer becoming a big problem within the fire service, the members also sought out information on products to prevent cancer. These items included soaps, wipes, turnout gear, and uniforms.

Staying up to date with equipment and training in the fire service is a difficult task. By sending members to conferences like this, the department is able to stay up to date with what is available. As we look forward to this event next year, our members will continue to attend similar events as they become available, assuring that the Cinnaminson Fire Department is able to provide the best, quality service to

our citizens.

Article by FF/EMT Jim Clancy

Photos by FF/EMT Jim Clancy and FF/EMR Matt Geiger