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2017 CFD Drafting Drill

On Saturday June 3rd, members of the Cinnaminson Fire Department joined with departments from throughout South Jersey to conduct a training exercise in town. This exercise took part in the old Acme parking lot. Our driver/operators practiced drafting operations by using portable ponds that were supplied from two tenders. After successfully pulling a draft with our Engines, water was sent to a manned hose line and our Tower Ladder. This operation was conducted numerous times for various driver/operators. An Engine from Willingboro Fire Department also participated in this training.


To make this training possible, five tender trucks were used to supply the water. Medford Fire Department, Lumberton Fire Company, Mantua Township Fire Department (Gloucester County) provided one tender each; the Mizpah Fire Company of Hamilton Township (Atlantic County) provided two tender trucks. In roughly two hours of training after the operation was set up, approximately 90,000 gallons of water was used. At one point during the training exercise, two Engines were able to simultaneously acquire a draft and flow a combined 2,400 gallons of water per minute. This is not an easy task while the water source is constantly being refilled during the operation. 


“The chances of our department operating at an incident of this magnitude are slim,” FF/EMT Jim Clancy commented, “but we will always be ready when the time comes that we are needed.” 


This drill has been held annually since 2010 after large-scale incidents occurred throughout the state that our department responded to in years before that. Since then, we have responded to multiple incidents where we were able to quickly and efficiently assist with any operation asked of us. We have had many departments assist us with this training exercise each year. Members of the Medford Fire Department have been of the most assistance each year. A group of members from the Union Fire Company of Medford, lead by Chief Engineer Wayne Rockhill and Chief Driver James Clancy Sr., have assisted with this training each year. Their year’s of experience and more consistence use of this skill has made it an easy topic for them to teach us. 


“You get an appreciation of the effort these departments need to make to obtain water for their fire incidents.” Chief William Kramer stated. 


You can view more photos from the drill on our Facebook page in the album: 2017 Drafting Drill.